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New Valira Pans

The nonstick ceramic prevents food from sticking.

It is made from materials that respect the environment.

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The ceramic pans has nothing to do with any other non-stick pan, and it is the biggest revolution in the world of cooking from the last 50 years, since, like the lilies, the lining is absolutely impenetrable and noted for its lotus effect, so this is not absorbed or pasted.

The surface of these ceramic pans is white and carries a ceramic non-stick coating, for allowing cooking with little or no fat, as the heat is distributed evenly across its surface.

The ceramic surface is incredibly tough. Ceramic is the world's hardest material after diamond. Precisely because of that, the ceramic is extremely resistant to friction and scratches and cleans easily and quickly. Furthermore, the handle is very robust and heat-resistant, so that the pan can also be used in the oven.


? The nonstick ceramic prevents food from sticking
? It is made from materials that respect the environment
? Allows non-fat cooking
? Aluminum frame with high quality
? Ergonomic handle robust
? The heat diffuser bottom of the pan distributes heat in a uniform manner throughout the pan
? The pan heats up faster and retains heat much longer than conventional pans
? Easy to clean
? Suitable for induction
? Eco Friendly coating